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Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Promo Code = Free Baby Carrier!


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These Baby Carries make great holiday gifts.
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Debt Tracking

I found a pretty simple debt tracking excel form from "It's Your Money" and wanted to share the link!

The first sheet is an introduction, the second is instructions, the third is an overview where you can put all your account information, the next is debt and income sources, the fourth is a break down of each debt including limits, APR, and months to paydown, the last three are a way to track your paydown and how close you are to freedom!

Wowza! I was not happy once I saw all of our debts in one location. I won't share how bad it is, just know ITS BAD.

I hope this form can open your eyes too!

Friday, January 21, 2011

G-Free DisNey!

Jules Gluten Free has a great article today about how to do Disney dining gluten free. She stayed in the same Disney resort I stayed in as a kid so it had a nostalgic feel to it.

She also offers that Margaritaville has a gluten-free menu. We'll have to check that out, too!

Now to book plane tickets! Mawhahahaha...

Budgeting Spread Sheet

I was reading along my blog list and saw a great offer from the the frugal free gal! She has an incredible spreadsheet to help you organize your finances.

For the first time in over a year, I pulled up my bank account online and went through item by item of everything we've used the debit card for this month and seperated it all out. I even think I found an error of something we've been double billed for each month for the past three months. Wahoo!

Now, I just have to track down outstanding balances on our debt and on our investments so we can track that too! It's so nice to have it all in one little place.

Our goal this year is to rebuild savings.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I just love reading Stephanie's blog from Keeper of the Home. This week she did an amazing article that really sounded familiar. She wrote: My Journey to Burnout: Proof that I can't do it all and I was too emotional to even cry.

My burnout was a little different. My priorities a little different. My feelings, very similar. I make time for things I find important, but not people I find important. I find I emotionally drained by the end of the day.

She listed things she is doing to recover from burnout and to avoid burnout again.

I look at what she is able to cut-out and I think, wow, it would be nice to have the finances to cut out one of our businesses/jobs and try to use that as an excuse to not make any changes. I recognize that I am overwhelmed and exhausted but I am resistant to change.

If you read Stephanie's article and relate, what are you willing to change?

If you are resistant to change (like me) what does that change mean?

If I do less, am I worth less?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Self-Guided Imagery

There are two main types of  self-guided imagery that I am familiar with for relaxation:

1-You imagine a scene from far away, like you're looking at a picture, but it's fuzzy. As you try to focus in, you provide more details and colors to describe the picture, you then pick one object in the picture and you begin to narrow that object down, until you are only seeing that object. Once you only see one object, you zoom into examine texture, color, and minutia. Focus on one spot of minutia until you only see the atoms that make up that minutia.

2- You imagine a colored, flat, empty wall. Imagine the wall changing to white. Examine the corners and edges of the wall. Repeat.

I have also read (in "Symphony of the Brain") another way to use imagery is to imagine nothingness. Such as, the space between your eyes, or the space between your bones in your knee. Imagining nothing seems to produce a higher amount of low-frequency brain waves which helps your mind to relax.

Neurofeedback is one way brain waves can be altered with or without using imagery.

Defeating Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts typically have a place and a purpose in our lives. Some therapeutic professionals refer to negative thought patterns as "thinking errors." I don't really think that it's an error in thinking, rather a problem with logic.

Plus, tell someone they are using a "thinking error" and you're likely to get an earfull. At least that was my response when someone told me I was engaging in a thinking error. I went "closed channel" pretty fast!

Some of the most common negative thought patterns (or thinking errors, if you like) have fun little names. I don't know where the names originated but I've seen them in multiple places and many therapists know them and teach them to their clients. The point of that is to help them identify an illogical thought and then change it.

I'm not a therapist by any stretch of the imagination. I'm not licensed. I'm not giving professional, paid advice. Just my opinion. However, I think you have to figure out the FUNCTION of the illogical thought pattern before you can change it.

If you are or are working with an insightful client (or even a client with a normal to high IQ) exploring the function of the pattern shouldn't be difficult. I'll give some basic examples:

Closed-Channel: This thinking error means I stop listening and engaging in the conversation. Pretty obvious how it might be helpful, if I use this than I get to ignore you and I don't have to change my behaviors. That would be my personal reason, but if you're the one using it, you should consider WHY?

Black and White: This thinking error means that I see things as one absolute truth or another. There is no middle ground. I like this one because it means for me that I can say that I will always be fat and then it relieves the guilt I have for not exercising. Also, my personal reason.

Blaming: This is a fun one! It means I don't have to take accountability for my actions. I can blame my genetics, my income, or my children/parents/spouse for my eating choices that lead to being overweight. Awesome! I no longer have to feel guilt or anxiety about this problem.

These are the three that I see frequently in myself and others. Once I know that their function is to relieve my anxiety, I can then find other healthier, more effective ways to deal with the anxiety the problem causes or to directly approach the problem I am masking.

Identify thinking error + Identify function of thinking error = new strategies to resolve problem

20% off plus free shipping at City Deals!

I saw that City Deals is having a "January Sale" plus 20% off. These would make for a good gift certificate for a birthday, co-worker appreciation, or family night! Use code JANSALE to get the discount!

The hottest Utah deal right now is the Armstrong Mansion for $50 (regularly $100) plus 20% of would be $40. Sounds like a nice Valentine's get a way!

Also good is Santa Monica Pizza at Jordan Landing, Hollywood Connections is West Valley area is a fun little place too.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Free How-to make a button! Literally took 2 minutes to make.

Over-coming Depression: Step One

Okay, so probably not step one for most people, but a good place to start is to Consider life without depression.

Be specific. Make a list. Some journal or assignment prompts:

*What would I do if I felt better?

For me, I have a huge long list of things that pile up I would definately hit that hard if I had the energy, drive, or just plain felt better.

*How would I look if I felt better?

I have never been a fan of make-up, so that wouldn't be on my list. I would definately shower, fix my hair, and change clothes. I would wear contacts.

*Some days are worst than others. How do I know it's a good day?

For me I know I feel better on days I shower. When I make lunch for my kids (instead of letting them eat Oreo's for lunch!).  When I wash the dishes.

*How would my spouse, child, co-workers respond if I did things differently?

For some, this is a BIG question. Sometimes depression becomes a part of your identity, especially if you've had it for a significant amount of time. How do you let go of that identity?

These are some ideas on things to explore with yourself (journaling, blogging), a spouse or close friend, or if they are harder to answer maybe with a trained therapist or physician.

Imagining a life without depression can be one way to give yourself hope that you will feel better someday. Knowing what a good day means to you is one strategy for starting to recognize when you do feel good and to fully take advantage of that day or moment the fog lifts.

Saving Money Blogs

I've realized lately that there are TONS of blogs on saving money. I don't think that this blog is going to go that direction for two main reasons:

1-It's timely and there's already tons on the topic

2-I'm not that good at it!

For anyone thinking that this would be another saving money blog, be warned I may find a deal or two but I think this new year we will be driving this blog in the mental health arena of blogs (of which we are good at, and there aren't millions).