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Friday, December 31, 2010

Gluten Free at Taco TIme!

I don't know how long I have loved Taco Time. Coincidentally, my husband and I both worked at Taco Time's when we were in high school.

We love how fresh the food is! The salsa fresca is made fresh and the condiments are always kept in good shape.

The downside is that most of their burrito's are made on a flour tortilla.

Recently they added Street Taco's! These are made on soft corn tortilla's! I looked at their Allergen Guide and saw that the Pork Street Taco's do not contain wheat. The chicken must have a wheat additive in the seasoning. I tried the chicken and did not have an adverse reaction, however my sensitivity is not as severe as others.

For sides: rice, beans, mexi-fries are all wheat free. The stuffed mexi fries, do have wheat.

I'm excited to add one more eating out option to my list!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Leapster: Learning Games

Eli also got a Leapster 2 Leapfrog Learning system. This was the item that blew our budget out the window.

The console itself was purchased for $39.99 at Target (I had a $10 off coupon) however the games were $22 a peice (2); plus a carrying case ($14.99). Put Santa at a total of $99.99 just for this system. We didn't purchase the game charger ($19.99) as we weren't sure how often the game would get used.

This is my favorite Christmas gift Eli got. He got the Star Wars Jedi Mind Games cartridge (focus on reading) and a Scooby Doo Mystery Game (focus on math and logic). Both of these games cater to his age and development. As he passes basic concepts, the game gets harder and teaches new concepts.

Eli only plays this when he gets kicked off of the Wii (see Lego Batman review) or we are in the car. He thinks he is a big kid because his older cousins both got a DS for Christmas and this seems to him to be the same thing.

Even though this was an entirely emotional purchase (it was late, I was at Target, feeling sorry for poor Eli who would only get five or six presents) I'm still glad we did get it for him. We mostly stayed within budget for everyone else and we very rarely splurge.

Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning Game System

Lego Batman

Wow! Santa was very giving this year!

I wanted to do a quick review of some of the things that Eli got for Christmas.

We'll start with the item I hate the most: Lego Batman

Lego Batman is great in that there is no blood and no dying, the players fall to a million lego peices when they get injured. There is also a variety of things that you have to build as you go. In one part you build a helicopter and Robin can hang from the bottom of it!

The game is more advanced than what a 4 year old can play. This is the reason I hate it. Elijah needs me or Jeff to play and we both have a bunch of other things we'd like to do. Jeff gets motion sick when he plays because Elijah likes to race through the level and he would rather stop and smell the flowers.

This would be a great game for an older child. Our solution to the problem: we invited his older cousins to come and take turns playing. We also set a time limit on how long he can play because he would play all 12 waking hours if he could.

Wii Lego BatmanLEGO Batman

Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Santa's Watching"

So, uhh "Santa's Watching" doesn't work after Santa already came!

I don't believe that Santa was an effective threat in the first case. Eli is way too smart, he knew Santa wouldn't take his toys back.

What consequences work for you?

We did use the threat that if he didn't follow instructions he wouldn't be able to play his new Lego Batman tomorrow. This one worked, but I don't know how long it will work!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Neurofeedback: The Day After

I just wanted to jot down my thoughts about neurofeedback.

We have been treating my depression with neurofeedback since March of 2009. I'm lucky that my husband is my practitioner and that we can do various protocals and try to work on different areas of my brain. This has been a very long process for me, and could be very expensive if it weren't for the generosity of the Utah Youth Village who allow us to keep the equipment at our home.

I have been having a very rough go of post partum depression. I was expecting to get bad, it did after my first child and as I've been weaning our 7 month old I've been feeling it again.

Sunday, Jeff did a new protocal that worked very well. I didn't notice any changes that same day. However, Monday, the next day, I felt more clear. I felt more in control. That night, I was more observant and couldn't believe how I have let my eye brows get so out of shape.

Tuesday I got up earlier than I usually do. I also got up on my own, without the baby crying or Elijah begging me to get out of bed. That was the biggest relief. We spent the day delivering Sub for Santa for the children we work with. I felt great!

I still have an appointment next week to check into a possible underlying health concern or thyroid issues. I am starting to see a little sign of light through the clouds though and am so grateful for a husband that supports me through these times. I feel really blessed tonight.


Yay! I won a free Picaboo photo book from Nicole's Nickels!

I've been a little discouraged lately and seeing the email from her really helped me feel a little better.

If you want to be a winner too, check out her blog. She has high value give aways a few times a week. She also has some good ideas about saving money. Her blogs typically have a high number of applicants, but the more you enter, the higher your odds of winning!

For low entry give aways, check out She does a great list each day of low entry give aways that end that same day. I know she has had over a 100 people win prizes from her lists she makes. She also has very good give aways, too.

Have fun winning!!

(The more you win, the more you can give! Watch for a new give away from us after the holiday rush!)

Simple Christmas: Blew IT!

I have been planning a simple Christmas this year. No major gifts for Elijah and staying under $300 total (extended family and all).

I then decided that I needed to go to Target and get a few stocking stuffers. $167 later Elijah will now be spoiled beyond belief. Granted, $50 of it was a gift card that I was sent specifically to pick out gifts for him from a relative that lives farther away.

We have most of our gifts bought and Christmas cards sent. Where is everyone else with Christmas preparations?

Gluten Free at Olive Garden!

Gluten Free at Olive Garden!!

I was very nervous about my office lunch party that was hosted at
Olive Garden today. I told myself for the past week that a little
gluten won't hurt. "Or just this once will be fine."

I don't want to be sick. Just once isn't fine. My new plan was to
stick to the salad and be happy.

I looked at Olive Garden's website and did not find any info on gfree
food (I did use my touch phone). I decided to call ahead.

I was amazed to find that they actually have a seperate gluten free
menu. I tried the menu out today. I ordered pasta marinara and it
wasn't amazing, but it was much better than having to explain gluten
allergies and only eat salad.

The menu had steak and chicken entrees I would like to try. They also
had some kid items on the menu!

One more eating out option for those of us with special gluten needs!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


There's this great show that always gets me in the mood. You know, the moooooddd to clean!

This show documents people who are chronic hoarders. The show could be very depressing as the people are probably very embarassed to be on the show and to let America look into their dirty addiction. However, I take a look at their problem and I think, "I could be like that someday."

I love to get a great deal on things. I love to stock up on things because we might run out (1 year supply of food, right?) I love to hang on to things that could someday be used for a craft, a unique gift, or because I forgot why I bought it but there must have been a good reason so I better hang on to it.

I watch this show, and then I think. Man. There's a ton of good stuff those people lost because they were too dirty and contaminated to be given to Goodwill. If only I good go through it and clean it for them. NO, I will use this as motivation to clean my own home.

Now, I am starting to look around and say, I haven't used that in six months, should we sell it or donate it or store it (in a nice box with a label). I have started in the kitchen. So far I have cleaned out one shelf of junk food scraps (the broken chips at the bottom of the bag that will not be eaten, etc.) and one drawer of baby bottles.

Small bites are still the best way to eat an elephant.

Daily Deals

OMG. I am so over this crazy daily deals buisiness. I believe that every time I log on to a thrifty blog, they're focusing on these unbelievable deals. I'm just a little over it.

Do people understand that to be thrifty, you avoid making purchases of things you don't need??? I believe that people are spending more with these deal sights than they are saving. Plus it's great advertising.

SALE or Be SOLD. it would seem.

We know that Face Book is all about marketing and sales. Now, I'm starting to see blogging as that, too. I'm not a sale-out, but man, I'm sick of it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FW: West Haven TacoTime Free Crisp Burrito Coupon Inside

Free crisp burrito! I hope it's good for the chicken or bean! Just follow taco time on face book and they'll probably send  you a coupon link too!

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 01:02:52 +0000
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Monday, December 6, 2010


Most of my friends (and now strangers, too) will know that I have varying degrees of depression. I don't know why that feels embarassing to say. Maybe not embarassing. Maybe fearful. I'm not sure. I've had it for years and am about 80/20 these days (good/bad). This is huge progress for me, as it's been worst at times.

Some things I do that seem to help:

1-Tanning bed, some reason the extra warmth can do wonders. Sometimes, I just sit in the room with it on and don't even get in!

2-Making sure I shower everyday and do my hair. If I don't do that, I'd probably stay in pjs all day and worsten my depression.

3-Affirmations. Sometimes they are simple, "I am fine." sometimes, they are more complex but I repeat it when I am feeling overwhelmed.

4-Boundaries. I mostly have no problem saying no. I have no problem that my sidewalks aren't shoveled, my house isn't clean, and my work is behind.

5-Support System. I think what makes the difference from today, vs ten years ago is that I have a husband that is present and aware of my emotions when they change and can alert me to the change. He is non-judgemental which is crucial.

6-Cymbalta. Neurofeedback. Gluten-free. Who knows. These are three other things in my life. I don't know if they are making a difference or which one is making the most difference.

I feel that most people, at some time, suffer varying degrees of depression. My hope is that someday it wont be taboo to discuss depression and that we can sometime openly discuss even more taboo things like suicide and suicide ideation. We'll get there, as a society, but not today.


The First Presidency Christmas Devotional, from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints( was tonight.

We rushed through dinner, family time, and traffic to drop half the family off at the door; park; run down 6 flights of stairs, walk 3 blocks, wait in line, and barely be seated before the prophet came in. My ears were cold, my feet hurt from shoes, my lungs inhaled the polution and burned.

I definately was not pleasant. I definately was not reverent in mind. I would say I was definately a little Grinchish: cursing Christmas, traditions, and all that goes with it.

I found it quite ironic that the very first speaker, President Uchtdorf spoke on how caught up we all get with the fuss and bustle of the Holiday. I felt the spirit as he invited us to relax a little and enjoy the family around us and the blessings we have .

I have been making my list, checking it over and over to ensure no one is missed. I am telling family that I am not getting them things they ask because of cost and finances. I have felt guilt at trying to cut back so I am spending more time trying to win things, cut coupons for other things, and make things.

Things. Things. Things.

None of these things will be remembered.

While I am not going to stop my effort (in the name of tradition), I am going to be more thoughtful about what I can purchase and invest my time and money in gifts that will be more memorable and meaningful.

I will report on my goal, as we get closer to Christmas. Please feel free to comment with links to your ideas on the Christmas Devotional or how your family is making the season memorable.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Time Wasters

I have been sooo busy, wasting time it seems. So easy to do.

My biggest time waster these days (because I know you want to waste your time too!) has been entering contests on different blogging sites. I know this is a waste of time, I mean really, who wins these things anyway!

The site I like the most is because her entries are simple and her prizes rock! But she typically has more than 4 or 5,000 entries.

The second I like the most is She does a daily list of all the low-entry giveaways and has her own giveaways that are awesome.

Next in line is I don't enter hers as much because they require more work. Like look at this website and tell me what you think and then comment. Not that much work, but she usually has a lot of entries. She has 18 really good give aways going on right now.

Other than that, Eli and I have been playing Mario on the Wii like crazy! He now has 99 lives, lost his hat, and keeps eating me with yoshi and spitting me off the cliff.

Yes, we should do something educational...or something job related....but if I didn't waste my time, who's time would I waste???

Monday, November 29, 2010

FW: Babies Online Mailing: Christmas Promo Code for a Free Baby Carrier!


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