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Friday, December 3, 2010

Time Wasters

I have been sooo busy, wasting time it seems. So easy to do.

My biggest time waster these days (because I know you want to waste your time too!) has been entering contests on different blogging sites. I know this is a waste of time, I mean really, who wins these things anyway!

The site I like the most is because her entries are simple and her prizes rock! But she typically has more than 4 or 5,000 entries.

The second I like the most is She does a daily list of all the low-entry giveaways and has her own giveaways that are awesome.

Next in line is I don't enter hers as much because they require more work. Like look at this website and tell me what you think and then comment. Not that much work, but she usually has a lot of entries. She has 18 really good give aways going on right now.

Other than that, Eli and I have been playing Mario on the Wii like crazy! He now has 99 lives, lost his hat, and keeps eating me with yoshi and spitting me off the cliff.

Yes, we should do something educational...or something job related....but if I didn't waste my time, who's time would I waste???

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