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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lego Batman

Wow! Santa was very giving this year!

I wanted to do a quick review of some of the things that Eli got for Christmas.

We'll start with the item I hate the most: Lego Batman

Lego Batman is great in that there is no blood and no dying, the players fall to a million lego peices when they get injured. There is also a variety of things that you have to build as you go. In one part you build a helicopter and Robin can hang from the bottom of it!

The game is more advanced than what a 4 year old can play. This is the reason I hate it. Elijah needs me or Jeff to play and we both have a bunch of other things we'd like to do. Jeff gets motion sick when he plays because Elijah likes to race through the level and he would rather stop and smell the flowers.

This would be a great game for an older child. Our solution to the problem: we invited his older cousins to come and take turns playing. We also set a time limit on how long he can play because he would play all 12 waking hours if he could.

Wii Lego BatmanLEGO Batman

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