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Friday, December 31, 2010

Gluten Free at Taco TIme!

I don't know how long I have loved Taco Time. Coincidentally, my husband and I both worked at Taco Time's when we were in high school.

We love how fresh the food is! The salsa fresca is made fresh and the condiments are always kept in good shape.

The downside is that most of their burrito's are made on a flour tortilla.

Recently they added Street Taco's! These are made on soft corn tortilla's! I looked at their Allergen Guide and saw that the Pork Street Taco's do not contain wheat. The chicken must have a wheat additive in the seasoning. I tried the chicken and did not have an adverse reaction, however my sensitivity is not as severe as others.

For sides: rice, beans, mexi-fries are all wheat free. The stuffed mexi fries, do have wheat.

I'm excited to add one more eating out option to my list!

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