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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Neurofeedback: The Day After

I just wanted to jot down my thoughts about neurofeedback.

We have been treating my depression with neurofeedback since March of 2009. I'm lucky that my husband is my practitioner and that we can do various protocals and try to work on different areas of my brain. This has been a very long process for me, and could be very expensive if it weren't for the generosity of the Utah Youth Village who allow us to keep the equipment at our home.

I have been having a very rough go of post partum depression. I was expecting to get bad, it did after my first child and as I've been weaning our 7 month old I've been feeling it again.

Sunday, Jeff did a new protocal that worked very well. I didn't notice any changes that same day. However, Monday, the next day, I felt more clear. I felt more in control. That night, I was more observant and couldn't believe how I have let my eye brows get so out of shape.

Tuesday I got up earlier than I usually do. I also got up on my own, without the baby crying or Elijah begging me to get out of bed. That was the biggest relief. We spent the day delivering Sub for Santa for the children we work with. I felt great!

I still have an appointment next week to check into a possible underlying health concern or thyroid issues. I am starting to see a little sign of light through the clouds though and am so grateful for a husband that supports me through these times. I feel really blessed tonight.

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