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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


There's this great show that always gets me in the mood. You know, the moooooddd to clean!

This show documents people who are chronic hoarders. The show could be very depressing as the people are probably very embarassed to be on the show and to let America look into their dirty addiction. However, I take a look at their problem and I think, "I could be like that someday."

I love to get a great deal on things. I love to stock up on things because we might run out (1 year supply of food, right?) I love to hang on to things that could someday be used for a craft, a unique gift, or because I forgot why I bought it but there must have been a good reason so I better hang on to it.

I watch this show, and then I think. Man. There's a ton of good stuff those people lost because they were too dirty and contaminated to be given to Goodwill. If only I good go through it and clean it for them. NO, I will use this as motivation to clean my own home.

Now, I am starting to look around and say, I haven't used that in six months, should we sell it or donate it or store it (in a nice box with a label). I have started in the kitchen. So far I have cleaned out one shelf of junk food scraps (the broken chips at the bottom of the bag that will not be eaten, etc.) and one drawer of baby bottles.

Small bites are still the best way to eat an elephant.

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