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Monday, January 3, 2011

Over-coming Depression: Step One

Okay, so probably not step one for most people, but a good place to start is to Consider life without depression.

Be specific. Make a list. Some journal or assignment prompts:

*What would I do if I felt better?

For me, I have a huge long list of things that pile up I would definately hit that hard if I had the energy, drive, or just plain felt better.

*How would I look if I felt better?

I have never been a fan of make-up, so that wouldn't be on my list. I would definately shower, fix my hair, and change clothes. I would wear contacts.

*Some days are worst than others. How do I know it's a good day?

For me I know I feel better on days I shower. When I make lunch for my kids (instead of letting them eat Oreo's for lunch!).  When I wash the dishes.

*How would my spouse, child, co-workers respond if I did things differently?

For some, this is a BIG question. Sometimes depression becomes a part of your identity, especially if you've had it for a significant amount of time. How do you let go of that identity?

These are some ideas on things to explore with yourself (journaling, blogging), a spouse or close friend, or if they are harder to answer maybe with a trained therapist or physician.

Imagining a life without depression can be one way to give yourself hope that you will feel better someday. Knowing what a good day means to you is one strategy for starting to recognize when you do feel good and to fully take advantage of that day or moment the fog lifts.

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