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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Priesthood Pedastool?

I have heard recent complaints about how men in the LDS or Mormon faith have been placed at such a high standing. They are supposedly revered and more powerful.

I really have to disagree with this notion. I believe that anyone who took the time to examine the responsibilities of the Priesthood holders from a 12 year old deacon through a 70 year old high council men, they would see that the Priesthood is about service, not power. I wouldn't want to responsibilities that come with the Priesthood. I am not envious of the young man who passes the sacrament, nor of the bishop who sits in the front of the ward. All of those "callings" would make my anxiety sky rocket and I probably would attend church much less than I already do.

I believe that a righteous man, in any denomination is reverenced and respected. This is no different for the LDS community. I do think there are men who misuse the role of "head of the house" but I think the LDS normatives follow the general population normatives.

Any other ideas on the topic?

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  1. I agree with you. In a way, I think the prophet and apostles actually put women and motherhood on a pedestal, but because we don't have the priesthood, people don't see it that way.