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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Personal Evaluation

While mother's day is a time to celebrate moms. I think it's a great time for self-reflection on my own strength's and percieved weaknesses of my mothering talents.

* I let my children drink from my cup and don't worry about back-wash
* I take time to play with my children on their level
* I do individual time with each of my children, even if it's only putting them to bed
* I work a full-time job to keep us a-float
* I don't put them in daycare or preschool and let them be kids with a grandma
* I read to my children every night
* I pray with my children daily (or most days)
* I say please when I ask them to do things
* If they get thirsty, I get them a drink (and don't say "swallow your spit!")
* I share things that are mine: my computer, my sweet treats, my drinks, my beliefs, and my time

* I let my son watch too much wii
* I feel overwhelmed when my son cries and whines
* I hate changing diapers (who likes this! Seriously?)
* I have to work to stay sane
* I don't do family home evening
* (All of the above could be manipulated into weaknesses, but I'm not going to because I like that I do those things.)

Overall, I'd have to say that I'm a pretty good mom. This year, I passed the Mom evaluation!

In the upcoming weeks, I'd like to work on how to desensitize myself from my son's relentless (at-times) whines. So, instead of feeling stressed, I'm going to breathe and have him go to time-out.

To do your own evaluation, simply think of all of the things that you like that you do for your children and list them as strengths. For the weakness, think of all the things you don't like that you do for your children. Pick one thing on the list and make a goal to start to make small behavioral changes.

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  1. This is great. Thanks for honestly sharing your strengths and weaknesses. I love that! Happy Mother's Day. :)