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Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Modest Swimsuit Arrived!

I ordered my new swimsuit not long ago from and it took a very short time to be shipped!

I can't say enough about this swimsuit! This is the first swimsuit ever that I thought, wow, this could be about a third of an inch lower on top! The swimsuit has an inner lining and full-size cups on top. The material is a bit heavy, which means it will last for the next two or three summers!

The swim bottoms were not shorts but were a mid-cut. I wear shorts, but the length of the bottoms would be appropriate if I wanted to skip swim shorts.

I have washed it once now and am proud that the color didn't fade and the suit didn't shrink!

The hardest thing about this swimsuit is the price. However, I am much more comfortable, trendy, and well supported than any other designer or walmart swimsuit I've ever owned. Overall, the quality made the price reasonable!

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