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Monday, April 4, 2011

Food Storage Steals-Utah Only

In Utah, I just got word from my good friend Becky who rocks at family preparedness that Macey's is having excellent food storage sales. Here's the break down from Becky (who should start her own blog some day!):

55 gallon blue water barrel $34 ($40 at Walmart)
5 gal storage bucket WITH lid (not gamma) $3
Gamma lid $4 (instead of 7 at Walmart)
5 gal water jug for camping $3
Butane stove with 4 cans for butane $20, pretty good deal
Siphon/pump for 55 gallon barrel $7 (I got mine for $9 at Walmart)
Butane cans $1.59 (Beats $2 in Salt Lake City)
They also have some good prices on TP for your storage too.
Augason Farms whole eggs #10 can, $14 (plus a bunch of other items so you don't have to go to Salt Lake City)
Hope fellow Utahn's can stock up

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