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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gluten Free Grocery Items

The local gluten free specialty store in my area has a newsletter they send out every month. This month they featured a cool website I thought I'd also pass on.

Gluten Free Overflow is a website that lists grocery food items that are gluten free.

This site has both search and browse options for many of the food items I eat on a daily basis. The system has a thumbs up or thumbs down rating.

The website also lists the date that the item was varified. As most of us with allergies know, manufacturers change their recipes periodically and you may still want to check the ingredient list to make sure that there hasn't been any changes.

They have things I wouldn't typically think of checking for gluten, like bouillon cubes and medications. All in one simple place.

I like to buy my gluten-free items that I eat regularly from This website could be helpful in identifying which items are gluten-free and then you can purchase and compare taste within.

Now we just need an extensive list like this for fast food!

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