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Friday, October 22, 2010

Gluten-Free Flour Deal

Jules Gluten-Free Flour is having a special on their "Welcome Pack":

You can now save 64% with our "Welcome Pack." Get 5 pounds of All Purpose Flour, plus 3 e-books (more than 150 recipes in total), and FREE Shipping & Handling.  Priced individually, these products would cost $69.95.  However, the Welcome Pack is only $24.95 - a $45 savings!

We just got our 5lb shipment in the mail. We used the ebook to find a pizza crust recipe that rocked. We made bbq chicken pizza with this crust and our 4 year old chose the bbq pizza over his typical Totino frozen pizza. (He's usually really picky, and doesn't eat the crust so I was surpised when he ate the WHOLE PIZZA, CRUST AND ALL!!)

The only complaint I had was that the crust stuck to the pan. The directions said to use an ungreased pan, which I did, but I'm thinking next time around we will be using spray or a bit of coconut-oil on the pan. I also will add pineapple topping.

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