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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Low-Sew Car Seat Cover

I ran into the cutest car seat covers for girls at the annual Roy Days celebration this summer. I've been using a non-gender car seat for my 5 month old but wanted to make her feel a little more girly. I believe it cost something like $25, not too bad considering the material and time it took for someone to handmake it.

However, I thought, "I could do that!" Knowing that I have very limited sewing skills (I typically forget important things, like thread, or the bobbin!) I had to think of easier ways to make this.


Preparation: I took a blanket that one of my co-workers quilted for me, some cute ribbon I had left from Christmas last year, and a needle sewing thread. Time: 5 minutes finding the needle and ribbon

Step 1: estimated the middle of the blanket, then 1/3 in on the left, and about 1/3 in on the right and fold.

Step 2: Take side 1 and hand sew the ribbon in the middle, so that you have two open ends of ribbon that can be tied around the handle of the car seat. (I used about 2 inches of ribbon on each side, I did not measure) Time: Ten minutes handsewing one side

Step 3: Take side 2 and hand sew the ribbon in the middle similar to above. Time: ten minutes for this side

Step 4: Tie on car seat. Time: 1 minute

Hint: I leave the visor up so the blanket never lies flat on the baby. You could also just sew an additional ribbon in the middle to hold it up higher. I was too lazy to get the needle back out.

Total Time: 26 minutes
Cost: Free
Suggested Retail: $25

I think I shall do this in blue for my sister-in-law for her baby due in November! This would also be excellent for Christmas. I have tons of baby blankets that just lay folded in the closet and ribbon is easy to come by. Have fun!

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  1. what a great gift that would be for your sister in law. lucky that you can do that. i'm of the "no sew" school of thought.

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment on my halloween tweaked decorations. the ribbon on the candles was a rare stroke of genius!