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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Condominiums Vs. Hotels

My family and I have been on a mini vacation since Wednesday. We traveled to St. George, UT for a  business meeting and decided to stay a few more days to enjoy the warm weather. While in St. George we stayed at one of our Worldmark resorts. When we have a chance, we stay in a resort because we want to utilize a huge investment that we made 6 years ago:)  A one bedroom condo sleeps 4 people comfortably; it includes a king size bed in a bedroom, a living room with a trundle bed, full kitchen and dining area.  It's great to stretch out and cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner without having to spend more money and eat out. 

On Friday night, we traveled one and half hours to Las Vegas, Nevada. We planned to stay in one of our three condo's in Vegas but found no availability so we decided to stay in a DoubleTree hotel.  As we walked into our hotel room, my 4 yr old says "where is the living room?". My wife and I laughed and then I had the thought "wow, my son must have it good if he expects us to have a living room when we travel. As I am writing this blog, I'm holding my 6 month old girl, trying to keep her quiet as I sit 6 feet away from the king bed that my wife and son are sleeping in.  If I were in one of my condo's, I'd be in a separate room playing with my baby girl instead of trying to maintain a quiet atmosphere so the rest of my family can sleep. 

Don't get me wrong, the DoubleTree hotel is very nice.  A beautiful building with King size beds, huge screen tv, and a small fridge in the room, but there is nothing like staying in a condo with a full size refrigerator, dish washer, and washer and dryer to clean our clothes before returning home.  I truly miss our condo.  If you have never vacationed in a condo and only stayed in hotels and motels, you are missing out.  I've learned a valuable lesson today.  Never book a hotel, it's just not a true vacation! Can I let you in on a secret? The DoubleTree hotel is close to $100 a night, but I got it for $45 a night using  My one bedroom condo cost me $30 a night!

If you are interested in a condo experience, please make a comment and we would love to book you a condo as our guest for a low night rate.

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