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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eating Out at IHOP minus Gluten

General tips I have about eating out without Gluten is a post I'll start sometime. I just wanted to share how I did G-free at IHOP.

When the waitress first approached for our order, we explained the wheat allergy. We asked if she knew of any entrees that were wheat free. She said they could do an omellette without the mixture that has wheat (I would have guessed an omellette was g-free to begin with!) and just eggs and then the toppings. That was her only suggestion.

Then I looked through the offerrings. I don't eat eggs, so I would have to use egg substitute for the omellette and that hasn't worked well in the past. I started looking at how I could replace things that I knew had wheat (pancakes on the side replaced by fruit).

I settled on the classic sampler with egg substitute and fruit instead of pancakes. I double checked the ketchup to make sure it didn't have any gluten and used that with the hashbrowns.

So far, no stomach ache! We'll see how eating out for dinner goes!

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