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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Condos are better than hotels!

I found my reasons for liking our condo's better immediately after Jeff posted his reasons.

Cooking! I have a hard time eating out with food allergies and can have a fresh, home made breakfast at the condo.

Cost! Elijah insisted on getting his own meal at IHOP. For all 3 of us to have a nice breakfast, it cost us $42.40 plus a tip. That's more than what I spend for a whole week of groceries! The condo would have been cheaper just from breakfast alone!

Space! We are very crammed in this one bed and a coffee machine hotel! Eli is loud, the TV is loud, the neighbors are loud. We could never work from vacation if we had to do it this way.

Activities! The pool is heated, but there is no hot tub. The Condos we own have a heated lazy river, three hot tubs, and a heated pool. We usually have more than one TV and Eli can watch cartoons and we can watch home and gardens.

I'm sure there are lots of other reasons. If you want to find out, we don't mind to rent to our friends for close to what we pay. Just email Jeff, he's in charge of that!

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