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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Enduring a Snow Storm

It's 5pm on a Sunday afternoon. Normally, we'd be home snuggled in a warm home watching the snow storm through a frosted living room window. Instead, my whole family is nestled in a warm, running car, sitting in a snow storm on Interstate 15 in southern Utah. We've been sitting still for about an hour. Luckily, we filled up with gas in a city 80 miles down the road and our tank is mostly full. My wife moved to the back seat to feed our 6 month old baby and our 4 yr old boy is standing on the front seat so he can stretch his body. My wife had to use the bathroom really bad so we had to make some accomodations to empty her bladder without going outside into the snow storm, I will bare you the details on how we accomplished the bathroom break.

Too make matters worse, my wife has the flu and our baby girl is also sick. Being cramped up in a Toyota Corrola going no where is not a pleasant way to feel better. I wish I could cook her some soup, make her hot chocolate, or massage her head. At no avail, I can't do any of those things but I am warm, safe from the hash snow, and with my family.

It is times like these that I'm grateful for technology like cell phones to write a blog, cars with heaters, and processed snack foods to keep our tummies full.  For now, I guess we just wait and hope that cars will move soon. 

I'd like to hear common experiences from you or maybe a list of activities we can do non-moving vehicle:)

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